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Moonbeam Yoga is a Yoga Alliance 200-hour Registered Yoga School designed to open the heart to your soul's brilliant light! Each and every one of us has an inner calling to share our light and gifts with others through acts of service. At Moonbeam Yoga, we understand the passion and purpose involved in serving others through the art and science of yoga, and we are committed in helping to develop and foster future yoga teachers in their dreams of nurturing the body, mind, and spirit of the world. Students who want to deepen their practice and mindfully engage in personal growth without the intention of teaching are also welcome to attend the training.

Stephanie Jones and Robbie Michelle Short, Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers, are excited to offer a balanced training program grounded in the highest standards for promoting safe and competent teaching. This program addresses the five educational categories set by Yoga Alliance, which includes: 1. Techniques, Training, and Practice, 2. Teaching Methodology, 3. Anatomy and Physiology, 4. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers, 5. Practicum. When you graduate, you will have the confidence, knowledge, and inspiration to share yoga with students of all levels.

Throughout your training, you will study and practice with teachers who excel in their area of expertise and who are committed to their yoga lineage. Each style of yoga offers its own ray of light, and our program is illuminated by the opportunity to study various styles that have shaped the vast world of yoga. While learning to safely instruct asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), mantras (tools for devotion and healing w/sacred sound), and meditation (the true pinnacle of yoga), we also remain rooted in the exploration and application of the philosophical and spiritual elements of yoga. We emphasize the importance of self-inquiry and self-awareness, which guide each of us on our journey as yoga teachers. As a well-rounded program, you will gain the confidence to find your authentic,unique voice in sharing your yoga .

Our program is distinct from other offerings in the Middle Tennessee area because we fully immerse ourselves into the teachings while experiencing the transformation of stepping out of our daily habits and retreating into the beauty of nature.

Moonbeam Yoga Teacher Training will start Summer 2016. The training will include 2 full week immersions and 5 full weekends of direct contact training, as well as additional reading and independent study. The bookmark weeks of this training occur in a rented spacious home just west of Franklin. The accommodations are state of the art, cozy and luxurious, for an inspiring setting and experience for all the yogis/yoginis! The weekend modules in between the bookmark weeks allow one to return home for the nights while meeting for the training Friday evenings, and all day Saturday and Sunday. This type of immersion allows for an ashram type of integration allowing the group to establish strong bonds and relations with one another which is an important key to being a successful yoga instructor. It also allows time together to practice karma yoga since we try to provide a full Raja (royal) Yoga training instead of just a Hatha (physical) one.

Dates of Training: March 5-10, March 24-26, April 7-9, April 21-23, May 12-20

Training Tuition & Retreat Fees: $3095 (cash/check but we must add $100 processing fees to credit/debit)  +

Non refundable deposit: $150 

Supplies/Material Fees: $100


Stephanie and Robbie look forward to being a part of this very special and exciting journey with you! Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie at [email protected], Robbie at [email protected], or visit




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